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School of Biological Sciences
The University of Adelaide

Dr David Ellis

Cryptococcus albidus

Synonymy: Cryptococcus diffluens

RG-1 organism.

Culture: Colonies (SDA) are cream-coloured smooth, mucoid, glabrous, yeast-like.

Microscopy: Globose to ovoid budding yeast-like cells, 3.5-8.8 x 5.5-10.2 μm. Pseudohyphae are absent.

India Ink Preparation: Positive - distinct thin capsules are present.

Cryptococcus albidus has variable growth at 37C, and infections in humans are rare. Along with C. laurentii, C. albidus accounts for 80% of the non-neoformans/gattii infections. Impaired cellular immunity is the most common risk factor with HIV infection and low CD4 counts a common comorbidity.

Cryptococcus albidus is a common transient on human skin and it has also been reported as a rare cause of pulmonary, CNS and vaginal infection. However, these reports must be viewed with considerable caution, as the culture identifications have not been verified.

Mycosis: Cryptococcosis